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iOS to Windows Phone to Android!

posted Mar 11, 2016, 11:57 AM by Samuel Warren
So as some of you may know, I was a long time iOS fanboy. I've been using smartphones since before it was cool, including Palm, HTC (Windows Mobile 5/6), iPhone (1, 3gs, 4s, and 5s), Motorola Droid (Android v2.2). Finally in 2014 I switched to Windows Phone 8 with a Lumia Icon. The switch was because I wrote a Windows Phone app, and was really impressed with the features in the testing device I bought (a Lumia 520). One of the biggest features, though it might sound silly, that I preferred in the Windows Phone was the back button. Why Apple still has no concept of this is mystifying. This one little feature improves the usability of a device immensely.

Now it's time for another leg of my journey. My experiences with Android have been limited and terrible. The Motorola Droid is the worst phone I've ever owned. In seven months it was plagued with problems, had poor reception (on Verizon which is hard to manage), and after three months the speaker went out. No more ringer! With that history I think it's understandable why I never looked back at Android. However, times they are a-changin' in the Android camp.

One of the nicest phones I've seen in a long time is the LG V10. I know most people don't think moving the buttons to the back of the phone is revolutionary, but it's a big change in the smartphone game. It's got impressive specs overall, and there's more innovation in Android right now than iOS for sure. Why am I leaving Windows though? Mainly because of my disappointment. I've been using a solid flagship phone for two years now in the Lumia Icon. It's specs are still very viable, and Miscrosoft phones seems to have a longer life than other smartphones. I could see myself using this phone for two more years easily without it being too slow. That being said, I'm sick of waiting for updated software. I had to jump through hoops to get the 8.1 release (Preview for Developers program specifically) in any decent timeline. There is also some disappointment that the latest flagships (Lumia 950/950 XL) aren't supported on Verizon. Where I live Verizon is the only network with coverage worth paying for. The final nail in the coffin for me was the lack of applications. Now I'm not trying to beat a dead horse here, because Microsoft has made great strides to add applications to the Windows Store.Specifically any kind of social media, game, utility, or media apps you want either have the top one or a similar one. The only remaining app stor problem is the small apps. Small banks for instance only support iOS and Android usually. Credit Card Companies (Except Citi who has a great Win Phone app) are missing too. It's these smaller utility apps that remove a lot of the functionality I was used to having with my iPhone before I switched. When I switched, I realized they weren't there, but I expected within a couple years to start seeing them filled in. Companies like Discover, Chase, and Capital One have no excuse.

So I'm switching back to Android this weekend. Specifically I've purchased a used Samsung Galaxy s5. While this isn't the newest, from what I've read it's a good solid Android phone. IT's supposed to get Marshmallow in May too, so this lets me experience a couple different iterations of Android. I won't be getting rid of my Windows Phone anytime soon. In fact a new flagship would likely drive me back in a heartbeat. Nevertheless, it's time I give this other platform some attention as a Mobile developer. I intend to port Offline Bible to the Android platform, so hopefully we'll see a new store addition soon. As far as going back to iOS, I don't foresee that anytime in the near future. I feel kind of like it's a been there, done that type of situation.

I'll be posting updates here on as I work with the platform, and give you my thoughts.