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Asus Transformer T-100 without support

posted Mar 4, 2014, 12:10 PM by Samuel Warren   [ updated Mar 4, 2014, 12:11 PM ]
So I have an Asus Transformer T-100 with Windows 8.1

It's a great portable tablet/laptop hybrid. At the price of $379 new it's hard to beat.

Amazon has them for $475, but you can find them cheaper on other sites. the only problem is a lack of tech support. I contacted support with a question about an issue. The hinge is a bit loose. From what research I've done, this happens rarely and should be addressed by support. That being said the support queue is apparently terrible. After a live chat I learned the following:

  • If there's any physical damage they will have to call me to discuss me paying the shipping. No quote on how much that would be, but "we'll hold you device" kind of scared me
  • 11-15 days (3 day saver shipping) + (5-7 business days repair time) + (5 days ground shipping return). If this were your main device, could you go without it for 15 days?
  • If it can't be serviced and repaired I would have to take it back to the place I purchased it to get it replaced. the place I purchased it said contact Asus, sales are final.

this leads me to believe that Asus support is quite the flop. I've returned smartphones and tablets to other companies. It was Prepaid overnight to them 1-3 days repair, and overnight shipping back. None of which came out of my pocket. that's support. This is simply a bullet point on a sales sheet somewhere.