Offline Bible

Offline bible is now available in the Windows App Store. If you have any questions feel free to Contact Us

A New ChapterĀ 
May 2nd
Offline Bible will soon be available in the Windows Phone Store for Windows Phone 8.1. This Universal App will share features with Release 3 which is on the way to the Windows App Store. The simple interface is still in place, with better support for switching between chapters. Two finger swiping is enabled on Windows, while one finger swiping will work on Windows Phone. Pray for us as we continue this endeavor.

One Month, 100+ downloads
April 10th

Today marks one month of Offline Bible's availability in the Windows Store. So far it has been downloaded over 100 times! It's humbling to know that I've helped spread God's Word. I am working on the next release now. Fixing User Interface inconsistencies, and perhaps adding some new versions. Are there any versions you'd like to see specifically, or any issues you've seen that need to be fixed? Let me know by using the contact link above.

Second Release is on the way!
It's currently in the review process. We've changed a few things. There's now a setting pane where you can set your background color, font size and font. We've removed the bottom bar and now simply swiping left or right will navigate to previous and next chapters.

Is the app missing something? Looking for a different Version, Feature, or Font? Send us a message at the contact link above and let us know!